About Us

What is Cheapbottledwater.co.uk?

Cheapbottledwater.co.uk has been set up in order to provide sensibly priced, quality , wholesale bottled water products to the UK market. We buy pallets of bottled water in huge volumes direct from bottled water producers. We buy cheap bottled water in, and sell cheap bottled water to our customers. Simple.

To get your quote for cheap bottled water please email us with your requirements at info@cheapbottledwater.co.uk.

If you require a quote for cheap wholesale bottled water please get in touch. We will respond to your enquiry within 30 minutes.


Our aim is to become the UK’s largest independent bottled water seller. Our plan to achieve this is simple; become the bottled water seller of choice to as many clients as possible, ensuring that we deliver wholesale bottled water on time and at a price our  clients find attractive.