Our Clients

Who do we supply  cheap bottled water to?


Cheap Bottled Water for Building Sites

Much of our wholesale bottled water finds its way into the construction industry. Not all building sites are connected to a mains water supply. It is the responsibility of the main contractor to ensure that workers  have easy access to a clean, wholesome water supply, thus adhering to Health and Safety Guidance (HSG) notes applicable to the industry.

Our wholesale bottled water service to delivers pallets of water to our clients sites. These are then broken down into cases of bottled water and distributed around  the workforce ensuring that workers are kept hydrated.


Cheap Bottled Water for Schools and Colleges

Schools, colleges and universities buy  our cheap wholesale bottled water and  distribute it to students keeping them fully hydrated and able to perform to their optimum during their exams, stage productions and sporting activities.


Cheap Bottled Water for Sports Events

Sports events make up a large part of our bulk wholesale bottled water business. The range of sports that we serve is pretty diverse with rugby tournaments, ultra marathons, athletics meets, football tournaments, cycling events and “iron man” events around the country, all purchasing cheap bottled water supplies.


Cheap Bottled Water for Resale

Our cheap bottled water can be delivered to retailers, or indeed anyone else wanting to sell bottled water. We endeavour to keep the wholesale bottled water price low, which helps the  bottled water seller make a good profit!